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 An ancient symbol bears the grave density of meanings attached over time..  It is re born in the blind faith of every person who has adopted it without questioning and dismembering it's meaning. It floats in the distorted stream of unconscious feelings and thoughts of everyone who has hung it around their neck or car mirror or cupped it in their hand. BLIND FAITH becomes it's energetic signature. Every time someone has been killed in it's name;  every fearful glance and invocation. Every co dependent compulsion buried in chants and prayers.Every wish and glance of desire that has rested upon it's image. All who find it prescious contribute to the grave of distorted meanings that become the symbols time signature. .::::::::::::::::::I propose that: A truly pure, living symbol is born of dreams and activated anew within the heart: for the one who dreams it is a personal agent of correspondence with Spirit ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The Immaculate Conception::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::